What is katwerk catalog software?

katwerk is a electronic product catalog, that especially was designed for Offline-Usage (e.g. as catalog-CD/DVD). Through the individual customization and its simple handling occupied with many comfort functions it is a reasonable addition for product-marketing.

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Create your own catalog-CD/DVD just by clicking your mouse!
It doesn't matter what type of data you use, if it is a plain text-file, a database or even split data on different systems, with katwerk-catalog-software you are able to arrange your data individually and edit them for promotional presentations.

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Reach new customers!

Just imagine, you can reach more customers with less work. Certainly it were the marketing costs that stood in your way. Who offers a steadily changing assortment mostly lies behind printing new catalogs. This doesn't have to be, with katwerk, catalog software! Just as the push of a button it generates the product data for a new catalog from your data asset (e.g. a relational database, or a plane excel-file).

And, as we just talk about money, why don't you ship your catalog as CD for a PC, which your customers use for ordering anyway and double your run for you saved money with this marketing strategy? No problem with katwerk! Just as the push of a button you'll get your ready catalog application with build in SQL-database, in which your customers can search and find in different categories just as they like!

katwerk particularly then makes life easier, if your business steadily needs renewal of its product catalog due to a permanently changing goods or service assortment and particularly if a cheap catalog on CD or DVD can expand your range.

katwerk does all this for amazing prices! Find out if katwerk is an advantage for your business too and order your free democopy of katwerk, the catalog software,  here!


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Telefon: 0441 777729
E-Mail: info@erpwerk.de

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